Our Story

The Story Of Mowgli Studio


Our Story

We love plants. It was this simple phrase that we would continually find ourselves saying that sparked the then crazy idea- we should open a plant shop.  

From Mowgli Studio’s humble beginnings- Stef weaving baskets in his room and styling small scale weddings for friends and family- it has come a long way. 

The concept was something we felt needed perfecting before we opened… we wanted to create a space that made you feel a sense of calm, a sense of inspiration, and a feeling like you had been here before. Much like you feel when on a walk through a park or a sojourn through the woods. We wanted to make sure this essence was present through every aspect of Mowgli Studio. 

Today, we have our very own studio. Full of hand-painted pots, sculptures, locally made homewares, and more plants than any sane person should have. And we love it!  

Our aim is to bridge the gap between nature and the home, and through Mowgli Studio we are constantly thriving to help everyone bring the outside, in.